Recent international deals

The blue egg
Nicklas Brendborg

Danish rights sold to Grønningen1 and German to Eichborn; Italian to Sonzogno and UK to Hodder.  

Jellyfish age backwards
Nicklas Brendborg

Bulgarian rights sold to Janet45; Brazilian to Editora Rocco; Catalan to Destino; Chinese to Zhihu; Czech to Host; Danish to Grønningen1; Dutch to Fontaine; Estonian to Rahva Ramaat; Finnish to Gummerus; French to Albin Michel/Le Duc; German to Eichborn; Hungarian to Athenaeum; Italian to Sonzongo; Japanese to Shinchosha; Korean to Jihaksa; Lithuanian to Allo Paris Allo Tokio; Norwegian to Spartacus; Polish to Copernicus Center Press; Portuguese to Contraponto; Romanian to Publica; Russian to Mann, Ivanov & Ferber; Serbian to Detera; Spanish to Destino; Swedish to Polaris; UK to Hodder and US to Little, Brown. 

The man who organized nature
gunnar broberg

Dutch rights sold to Spectrum; Korean to Marco Polo Press; Norwegian to Dreyer; Swedish to Natur och Kultur and World English rights to Princeton University Press.  

The housefly effect
eva van den broek en tim den heijer

Chinese rights sold to Huazhang; Dutch rights to Spectrum; Japanese to Diamond Inc.; Russian to Atticus and Taiwanese to Crown.

More. Numbers. every. day.

Chinese (Complex) rights sold to China Times; Chinese (Simplified) to Creadion; German rights to Kösel (PRH); Japanese to Toyo Keizai; Korean to Gimmyoung, Norwegian rights to Vigmostadt; Russian to AST; UK to Monoray (Hachette) and US to Hachette Books. 

The chess revolution
peter doggers

Brazilian Portuguese rights sold to Record; Dutch to Spectrum; French to Buchet Chastel/Libella; French-Canadian to Editions Hurtubise/Groupe HMH; German to Ullstein; Russian to Eksmo and Swedish to FriTanke.   

The darkness manifesto

Czech rights sold to Host; Danish to Grønningen1; Dutch to Ten Have; Finnish to Atena; French to Tana Editions; German to Droemer; Italian to Corbacccio; Japanese to Ohta Shuppan; Korean to Gadian; Spanish to Rosameron; Swedish to Natur och Kultur; UK to The Bodley Head and US to Scribner.  

Jens Christian Grøndahl

Bulgarian rights sold to Vesela Lyutskanova Publishing House; Danish to Bokförlaget Atlantis; Dutch to Meulenhoff; Estonian to Eesti Raamat; French to Gallimard; German to Paul Zsolnay Verlag; Lithuanian to Alma Littera; Norwegian to Pax; Swedish to Wahlström & Widstrand; UK to Canongate and US to Harcourt.

TV/film rights sold to Liv Tyler and her production company. 

Often i am happy
Jens Christian Grøndahl

Armenian rights sold to Guitank; Chinese to Beijing Xiron Books; Danish to Gyldendal; Dutch to Meulenhoff; French to Gallimard; Italian to Feltrinelli; Korean to Minumsa; Spanish to Anagrama; Swedish to Atlantis; UK to Picador and US to Twelve/Grand Central.   

This life

Chinese rights to Shanghai Bookstore Publishing; Dutch to Alfabet; German to C.H. Beck; Italian to Neri Pozza Editore;  Japanese to University of Nagoya Press; Korean to BP Publishers; Latvian to Zvaigzne; Macadonian to Kontrapunkt; Portugese to Temas e Debates; Spanish to Capitan Swing; Swedish to Volante; Thai to Nsit Sam Yan; Turkish to Can; UK to Profile and US to Pantheon. 

The monkey and the philosopher

Japanese rights sold to Shinchosha and Spanish to Rosemaron

marit kapla

Dutch rights sold to Atlas Contact; Norwegian rights to Aschehoug and World English to Penguin Press.

The last survivor
Frank Krake

Czech rights sold to Euromedia Group; Dutch to Achtbaan; French to Albin Michel/Leduc; Italian to Newton Compton; Hungarian to HVG; Romanian to Corint; Russian to Eksmo; Serbian to Publikum Praktikum; Slovenian to Zalozba-KMS; UK to Orion and US to Lyons Press.

The forgotten sense
Jonas Olofsson

German rights sold to Luchterhand BTB/PRH Germany; Swedish to Natur och Kultur; UK to William Collins/Harper and US to Mariner/Harper Collins.

Winter swimming
susanna SØBERG

Czech rights sold to Albatros; Danish to Grønningen1; Dutch to Nijgh; Estonian to Tanapaev; French to Robert Laffont; German to Piper; Lithuanian to Balto; Polish to Otwarte; Russian to Mann, Ivanov & Ferber; Slovakian to Albatros; Spanish to Alienta / Planeta and World English to Maclehose Press.

The Clearing
sara strömberg

Danish rights sold to Gads; Dutch to Cargo; Finnish to Schildts & Söderstrom; French to Harper Collins FR; German to Blanvalet; Greek to Gema; Italian to Fazi; Norwegian to Kagge and Swedish to Modernista. 

TV/Film to Yellow Bird.

The stoic mindset

World English rights sold to St. Martin’s Essentials. 

Falling is like flying
manon uphoff

Dutch rights sold to Querido; Hungarian to Vince Books; Spanish to Gatopardo; UK and Commonwealth rights sold to Pushkin Press.

fien veldman

Dutch rights sold to Atlas Contact;  German rights to Carl Hanser Verlag and World English to Head of Zeus. 

The van gogh sisters
willem-jan verlinden

Arabic rights sold to Book Club Publication; Chinese to Guangxi University Press; Dutch to Querido; German to Sandmann; Italian to Donzelli; Korean to Manbokdang; Spanish to Anaya; World English to Thames & Hudson UK and US.

How to know everything
elke wiss

Dutch rights to Ambo Anthos; World English to Arrow/Penguin Random House UK and 3 more territories.

last stop auschwitz
eddy de wind

Albanian rights sold to Botime Dudaj; Bulgarian to Ciela Norma; Catalan to Planeta; Chinese to Fonghong; Croatian to VBZ; Czech to Leda; Danish to Klim; Dutch to Meulenhoff; Finnish to WSOY; French to Michel Lafon; German to Piper; Greek to Patakis; Hungarian to Athenaeum/Lira; Italian to Rizzoli; Japanese to Hayakawa; Lithuanian to Alma Littera; North Macedonian to Antalog; Norwegian to Gyldendal; Polish to Foksal; Portuguese to Planeta; Romanian to Humanitas; Russian to Eksmo; Serbian to Laguna; Slovakian to Citadella; World Spanish to Espasa/Planeta; Swedish to Natur och Kultur; Turkish to Nemesis; UK & Commonwealth to Doubleday; US & Canada to Grand Central and Vietnamese to Women’s Publishing House.